Welcome Poets;

Our printing company is offering an attractive discount for collections up-to 30 pages total. This offer is for well crafted, edited and ready-to-print manuscripts. Authors retain all rights to their work--noted in the copyright page. Promotion is offered FREE of charge to our 8K+ confirmed subscribers and via social media pages. Interested poets are encouraged to submit a manuscript for a review. We offer additional services for full poetry and/or prose collections, essay and short story collections, copy editing, and much more. 

What to submit:

25 pages of poetry

poems in order of choice 

+ title page / introduction page

+ acknowledgment page 

+ about the author page

+ table of contents page 

Editors are ready and excited to review your manuscript. 

Questions; poeticapublishing@aol.com 

Thank you,

The Editors

Poetica Publishing