Anna Davidson Rosenberg Poetry Award 

Annual Deadline: Janaury 15

Mizmor Poetry Anthology 

Annual Deadline: August 15

You are invited to visit the specific guidelines and submit as noted. 

Thank you / The Editors

We Publish Only Poetry. Please read the following guidelines carefully and in their entirety.

Disregarding our guidelines may result in your submission being disqualified.


We consider original-unpublished works by writers from all parts of the world. We are interested in spiritually engaged poems from a broad range of perspectives. We like accessible works that find fresh meaning in old traditions that recognize the challenges of our generation. We evaluate works on several levels, including its skillful use of craft; its ability to hold interest; and layers of meaning.


--Please submit ONE poem in a single submission. 

--We review unlimited number of submissions by a single writer and reply to all within a month. Only two poems per writer will be included in this edition. *If you haven't heard from us, please send us a follow-up email to: poeticapublishing@aol.com. Please do not include any contact information with the works, only with the cover letter (optional).  Our objective is for poets and writers to be widely read, not to monopolize your work.

--We respect pen names... but please submit under your choice of name. 

--We prefer Time New Roman font #11 RTF/DOC files. 

--We favor ONE-PAGE poems up to 40 lines. 

--No simultaneous submissions. Only unpublished works will be considered (unpublished for us means it has not previously appeared in its entirety online or in print, including blogs and social media). 

--2019 Mizmor Anthology claims First North American Serial Rights, with rights reverting back to the author upon publication. We kindly ask that if the work is reprinted in a full collection or anthology it is credited as first appearing in Mizmor Anthology

--At this time, we are unable to offer payments to contributors, aside from our ravenous gratitude (but we hope to change this soon!).  

This is edition and will be released November 2019.  

*Please check your SPAM folder for important messages.

Thank you!   

The Editors



The Anna Davidson Rosenberg Poetry Awards on the Jewish experience were established by Nedda Fratkin, Marvin Rosenberg and Violet Ginsburg in memory of their mother, Anna Rosenberg, née Davidson in 1987. The contest is open to all writers exploring the Jewish experience (irrespective of author's ethnicity or religious affiliation). 

All entrants retain the copyright rights that they have in the poems they submit, but by participating in this contest and submitting poems, all winners grant Poetica Publishing the right, license, and ability to use and publish all winning poems (in complete form or in excerpted form) on Poetica Publishing web site, on other Web sites, in other media, and in print editions/anthology.


  $250.00 - First Place

  $150.00 - Second Place

  $150.00 - Third Place

  $75.00 - Up to Ten Honorable Mention

  $18.00 - Finalists

The winning poems will be published on our website. 

A print edition will be released in the summer of 2020.

Final Judge:  TBD

DEADLINE: 01/15/2020

Fee:  $2.00 per poem


We accept submissions via SUBMITTABLE, only. Please submit ONE poem in a single submission and up to FIVE poems per writer. 

*Judging is done anonymously, please do not include cover letter with biographical information or introduction to the work.

We consider UNPUBLISHED works, only. Once submitted, works cannot be withdrawn or revised. Submissions by mail/email - will not be acknowledged. Do not change titles of published or award-winning works and submit to the contest. Final selection of winners 01/2020.

Each Submission: 

Time New Roman #12

No underlines / graphics 

No contact information

Poems must be titled


Award Committee  


Welcome Poets;

Our printing company is offering an attractive discount for collections up-to 30 pages total. This offer is for well crafted, edited and ready-to-print manuscripts. Authors retain all rights to their work--noted in the copyright page. Promotion is offered FREE of charge to our 8K+ confirmed subscribers and via social media pages. Interested poets are encouraged to submit a manuscript for a review. We offer additional services for full poetry and/or prose collections, essay and short story collections, copy editing, and much more. 

Poetica will be noted as the publisher of your book: title page, copyright page, back cover, and all promotional material. 

What to submit:

25 pages of poetry

poems in order of choice 

+ title page / introduction page

+ acknowledgment page 

+ about the author page

+ table of contents page 

Editors are ready and excited to review your manuscript. 

Questions; poeticapublishing@aol.com 

Thank you,

The Editors

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