Anna Davidson Rosenberg Award

Mizmor L'David Anthology

The 2018 Anna Davidson Rosenberg Award is now open for submissions. You are invited to visit the specific guidelines and submit as noted; Submissions to the 2018 Mizmor' L'David Anthology will be open June 1st, 2018 and will be released as pdf. file on our website October -November 2018 (no restrictions on the number of submissions and the number of works by a single poet). Editors are considering featured poet per edition - TBD).

Please note our new mailing address:
Poetica Publishing
5215 Colley Avenue #138
Norfolk, VA 23508

Thank you / The Editors


We consider original-unpublished works by Jewish and non-Jewish writers alike. We are interested in works that have the courage to acknowledge, challenge, and celebrate modern Jewish life, beyond distinctions of secular and sacred. We like accessible works that find fresh meaning in old traditions that recognize the challenges of our generation. We evaluate works on several levels, including its skillful use of craft; its ability to hold interest; and layers of meaning.


Please submit ONE poem in a single submission. We review unlimited number of submissions by a single writer and reply to all within a month. *If you haven't heard from us, please send us a follow-up email to: poeticapublishing@aol.com. Please do not include any contact information with the works, only with the cover letter (optional). We respect pen names...but please submit under your choice of name. We prefer Time New Roman font #12. RTF/DOC files. We favor ONE-PAGE works. No limit on the number of works per poet for this edition. We do not consider previously published works or simultaneous submissions.  

*Please check your SPAM folder for important messages.

Mizmor L'David Anthology requires first serial rights. Rights revert to the author upon publication, although Mizmor L'David Anthology expects to be credited when works are republished.

Thank you!   The Editors